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Myths of Immigration

As we count down towards Christmas my thoughts began reflecting on the issues of immigration. This is partly because the Biblical narrative itself has a lot to to say about immigration. For example, the Isrealites were immigrants in Egypt for … Continue reading

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The Place of Mono-cultural or Mono-Ethnic Churches in Britain

The vision to build a multicultural Church has become an agenda caught by many inner city Churches whereas; about 10 years ago that was not the trend. Part of the reason for this change has been the recognition and awareness … Continue reading

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Dismantling the Social Divide (Multiculturalism in the Church Context – Radio Interview)

In this radio interview on Saturday 2nd of June, I reflected on my journey of coming as a missionary to Britain. I was going to plant a Nigerian Pentecostal Church but then left that project to get involved with a … Continue reading

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Pentecostalism: its Multicultural and Ecumenical Significance

As we celebrate Pentecost this week, my attention and reflection is drawn to the origins of the Pentecostal movement and its implications for cultural diversity and Church unity. This reflection starts with the day of Pentecost as we found in … Continue reading

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Multicultural Churches: A Gospel Imperative

Christians often ignore or treat as less important talks, trainings or discourses on building a multicultural Church. This resentment at times comes from the fact that people think that talks about multicultural Churches are trying to be politically correct. The … Continue reading

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So what on earth is a Multicultural Church?

The word multicultural has become a common slogan used in political rhetoric and public discourse. When used in politics, it is associated with any of these words; integration, assimilation or segregation depending on the policies of a given country. Some … Continue reading

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