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That Christianity has shifted from the North to the Global South is a reality that we are living through. Christianity is growing every day in Africa, Asia and Latin America while it appears to be declining in the Western world … Continue reading

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The changing face of Christianity in the UK (Press Release)

Leaders of key church denominations and mission organisations from across the UK gathered at the Evangelical Alliance on 30 October to hear about the changing tide of global missions, as Christians from across the global south come to the UK … Continue reading

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Reverse Mission: Spiritual children of Western Missionaries

Conversations and discussions are still ongoing about reverse mission. Some of these conversations are centred on whether the term reverse mission is a useful positive language to use. Some are arguing that the term reverse mission should be dropped in … Continue reading

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Theology of Reverse Mission

The subject of reverse mission, that is, missionaries and pastors from former mission field now ministering in Europe and North America is becoming a phenomenon that is attracting the attention of both academics and the media. The BBC documentary titled … Continue reading

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