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What does the future of the UK church look like? What is the black majority church and how does it feature in the bigger picture? How is it partnering in mission with the wider UK church? What dynamic is created … Continue reading

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Unity in Diversity (Racial Justice Sunday)

Unity in diversity by Lucy Olofinjana Living in London, we see such rich ethnic diversity around us every day. And being part of a multicultural church such as my church Woolwich Central Baptist, I think we experience something of the … Continue reading

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Intercultural Ecumenism between Black Majority Churches (BMCs) and British Baptists in London

What on earth are Black Majority Churches (BMCs)? The history of BMCs in London is very phenomenal because within a short period of 60 years they have grown from rejection to influence, that is, from Windrush (The famous ship that … Continue reading

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National Day of Prayer: A Vision Fulfilled!

Yesterday, September 29 2012 saw the fulfilment of the vision for Wembley. This is becasue around 20 years ago, 1991/1992, Jonathan Oloyede, the Convener of Global Day of Prayer London had a vision of Christians gathering togther at Wembley stadium … Continue reading

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London Olympics: A lasting Legacy

The theme of the London Olympics was Inspire a Generation. The idea behind this vision was to inspire a whole new generation about sports, but much more than that, the London Olympics has so many new projects and initiative across … Continue reading

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The Place of Mono-cultural or Mono-Ethnic Churches in Britain

The vision to build a multicultural Church has become an agenda caught by many inner city Churches whereas; about 10 years ago that was not the trend. Part of the reason for this change has been the recognition and awareness … Continue reading

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Pentecostalism: its Multicultural and Ecumenical Significance

As we celebrate Pentecost this week, my attention and reflection is drawn to the origins of the Pentecostal movement and its implications for cultural diversity and Church unity. This reflection starts with the day of Pentecost as we found in … Continue reading

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