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Black Baptists: Their Contributions to Mission (Peter Thomas Stanford)

In these series of articles I want to reflect on the life and ministry of three black Baptist ministers whose immense contribution to mission deserves to be mentioned and applaud. They are, Peter Thomas Stanford (1859-1909), the first black Baptist … Continue reading

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So what are Baptist Churches looking for when searching for a minister?

This piece is based on my friends’ experiences of being on the waiting list (for non-Baptist, this is a list of potential ministers whose names will be sent to Baptist Churches). Their stories of what they encountered as they went … Continue reading

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Bapticostal Congregations: The Reshaping of Baptist DNA in 21st Century Britain

This year marks 400 years since the first Baptist Church was founded on English soil. Thomas Helwys and a small group of Baptist separatist founded the Church around 1612 in Spitalfields in the east-end of London. Since then, Baptists as … Continue reading

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