Missio Africanus: Journal of African Missiology in Britain

Missio Africanus (African Mission) is an initiative designed to help African mission in the West to reflect theologically on our missiology. This initiative is expressed in two ways: one is through conferences (Missio Africanus Conference) and the other is the theological journal (Journal of African Missiology) that will reflect on African mission in the West. To view the journal, click on this link Missio Africanus Journal

To view Missio Africanus website click here Missio Africanus

5 Responses to Missio Africanus: Journal of African Missiology in Britain


    I am a pastor from BURUNDI after visiting your website I become touched and feel to love you.I would like to say conglatulations.I need friendship.bless you

  2. u1029782 says:

    The dept of knowledge in your work is rich and solid . your grounded faith in Jesus and pursuit to doing His will is inspirational. My respect and applaud for you academic works and research. My admirations for your enthusiasm to be christ like. I am hopeful that one day I will meet you in person.

  3. This is without doubt the best the web can offer on the subject of reverse mission which is my particular interest. The simplistic and reader-friendly manner at which articles are presented is great. Israel has carved a niche for himself in the area and as such has become an authority on the subject. I recently ordered some of his books along with Afe Adogame. (Interesting people) These research contributions are indeed reverse mission in itself. It is therefore worth knowing if there are conferences on the subject in future, many blessings.

    • Thanks Mike for your encouraging comment and feedback really appreciate the support. I hope to continue to document the history of reverse mission as it continues to unfold before our eyes

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