Conferences, Seminars and Events


Christians from the Global South and Diaspora Missions in Europe (Global Mission Consultation by Global Diaspora Network)

Conversations in World Christianity: Majority World Christians in Britain

A Day Conference for church leaders, youth leaders, mission thinkers and practitioners to exploring Diaspora Mission

Saturday 13th October

Venue: Sheffield Community Church, 131 Guildford Ave, Sheffield S2 2PR (Parking is available on site)

Time: 10am-4pm

Topics covered include

South Asian Christianity and Interfaith Dialogue by Usha Reifsnider

Diaspora Missiology by Dr Samuel Cueva

Youth Ministry in Multi-ethnic Britain by

African Christianity by Dr Emma Wild-Wood

African Christianity in Diaspora by Dr Anderson Moyo

Registration cost including a multi-ethnic meal is included as well as a vegetarian option: £15, students £10

Register at:

Contact email:

Organised by Sheffield Community Church and Centre for Missionaries from the Majority World

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